Perseverance is; When you try and try and try until you are utterly exhausted and want to give up. But keep going because you want to accomplish your goal so deeply and passionately. And then when you finally reach your goal you feel the same amazing feeling that you have embeded into your soul from when you were a kid playing MarioKart and how many times you circled around Rainbow Road to find that hidden passage and make that goal score. 

The surreal feeling when you can celebrate letting go of the remote control, throwing it into the air and watch Mario stand on the first tear to receive his trophy and let the confetti whirl down with the princess and Koopa Troopa standing on either side. 


This idea is written by me. If you find this idea inspirational you can credit me and include me in the design process of your new inspired idea. 
Don't steal my idea. 
Credit: Mario Kart & my brain